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It's easy to get discouraged by the news headlines. There’s conflict in every segment of society. Education. Law. Politics. Religion. Business. Big tech. And the reports are blasted 24/7 on cable news and social media. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like God may have finally abandoned our culture. 


But the truth is God has never stopped working. He isn’t done with us. His plan to restore all things to Himself continues. And He continually invites us into this work. That’s why Christians aren’t called to merely criticize culture, we’re called to create it. Through His people, God’s Spirit brings justice, mercy, hope and love into our broken world. 


Restoration. That’s been God’s plan from the start. And we can join Him. 


So don’t miss the 2023 MAVEN conference. We’ll take on the tough issues. We won’t retreat. We will build. We'll bring back hope. We’ll advance God’s Kingdom in the here and now. We’ll work tirelessly to restore truth, goodness and beauty to God’s world.


Laguna Hills, CA

2022 RECAP

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