Exclusive Sponsorships

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It's a crowded market and there's a lot of noise out there. Too much noise. But our events are different.


When you become a sponsor at one of MAVEN's Live Events, you won't be competing with ten other groups who are also running in your same lane. Why? Because our sponsorships give you EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to your chosen sponsorship level. 


For example, if you're a university, you'll be the only university at your sponsorship level that is represented at our event. If your specialty is publishing, you won't have to compete with a bunch of other publishers for our attendees' attention. We limit our sponsorships to one per category, per sponsorship level.


The focus will be on you. So your voice, your products, your resources won't get lost in the noise.


the MAVEN sponsorship

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more details. 

Questions? Email us at info@maventruth.com or call (657) 900-2001.