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Breakout #1


worldview event

Raising Resilient Kids

Kathy Koch

Children need to believe their future is bright but the more disappointments they don’t recover well from, the less likely they are to dream. How do we help our kids process challenging experiences well and encourage them to grow, mature and overcome their negative encounters? This session will help you understand the power and purpose of resilience and equip you to raise kids to embrace life with confidence.

Restoring Our Confidence In The Truth

Brett Kunkle

Our culture has lost its common sense and is now deeply confused about truth and reality. “Live your truth” in our cultural mantra and we live as if there’s no objective truth about morality, religion, sexuality, gender and more. As a result, our kids are drowning in a sea of relativism. Sadly, false ideas about truth have terrible consequences. In this talk, Brett will help restore your confidence that truth exists and is knowable and how to help the next generation build their lives on God's unchanging truth.

How to Build a Family Life That is "In But Not Of"

Erin Kunkle

In our culture, family dysfunction and brokenness is pervasive. For many, broken families are simply the new normal. As such, Christians cannot overlook the powerful impact a healthy and harmonious home will have on those around us. So how can we cultivate a family life that brings stability, strength, peace and harmony? This session will provide practical guidance on raising a family in the midst of a culture where families are falling apart and show how a healthy home can be a bright light in a dark culture.

Like Me, Follow Me: How Social Media Shapes Hearts & Minds

Jonathan Morrow

How carefully have you thought about the nature of social media? Is it harmless? Or does it have a powerful influence on our hearts and minds? At what age should we allow our kids on social media platforms? Or should we avoid them altogether? In this talk, we’ll take a balanced look at social media and very practical steps to help our kids navigate a social media world.

The Dominant Worldview Strongholds of Our Culture 

Eric Hernandez

There are three dominant strongholds (i.e. worldviews) that permeate our culture and hinder people from coming to a salvific knowledge of God. In this session, you will learn what they are, how to identify them, and how to respond accordingly.

Breakout #2


Motivation Matters — Start with the Heart

Kathy Koch

Understanding how and why your relationship and character development are the foundation of motivation is vital. But what should we focus on and what beliefs do we emphasize? In this session, you’ll learn the four roles you must play, how to respond when children are frustrated, and how to compliment and correct effectively.

How Do I Help My Kid's Deal With Doubt?

Brett Kunkle

Do you (or will you) feel helpless when your kids start doubting their Christian faith? Is doubting dangerous or is it a normal part of the Christian life? Does it seem like giving kids more answers is inadequate in helping to alleviate their doubts? In this session, you'll discover the three main causes of doubt and the appropriate response for each and how doubt can actually be a tool God uses to lead our kids into a deeper faith.

Why Isn't My Discipline Working & How Could it Undermine My Kids' Faith?

Erin Kunkle

Is discipline merely a matter of getting kids to obey the rules? How does unsuccessful discipline actually undermine our kids' faith in God? How does our kids' view of authority influence their conscience and their response to discipline? In this session, you'll connect the dots between authority, conscience, and moral instruction and learn practical steps to discipline your kids in truth and love. 

How Do We Help Our Kids Really Own Their Faith?

Jonathan Morrow

Why do so many kids eventually walk away from the Christian faith in which they were raised? How do we help them to grow spiritually? What do our kids need to stop borrowing their faith from parents or church leaders and make the Christian faith their very own? You can’t focus on everything…so where do you start? In this session, you'll discover the 5 things every child needs to build a lasting faith and start building a practical plan.

A Practical Plan for Walking in Racial Unity

Monique Duson

What does biblical unity look like? How can we overcome ethnic differences? How can the church live out Ephesians 4? This talk will sketch out a clear picture of how the church can model biblical unity in race relations and will also outline very practical steps that Christians can take in accordance with God’s design for unity.

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