Breakout Session 1

Breakout Session 1

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Is the Bible Sexist?

Alisa Childers

Is the Bible a tool of sexist oppression? Does it teach that women have less value than men? How can Christians promote such a sexist book? In this session, you'll discover how the Bible actually elevates our view of women and how Jesus' inclusion of women in God's Kingdom plan was and is revolutionary. 

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How Do I Help Kids Deal With Doubt?

Brett Kunkle

Do you (or will you) feel helpless when your kids start doubting their Christian faith? Is doubting dangerous or is it a normal part of the Christian life? Does it seem like giving kids more answers doesn't always help alleviate their doubts? In this session, you'll discover the three main causes of doubt and the appropriate response to each and how doubt can actually be a tool God uses to lead our kids into a deeper faith.

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Is the Bible a Reliable Source of Truth?

J. Warner Wallace

How can we trust a book that is 2,000 years old? Isn't the Bible filled with errors? Do we even know who the authors were? Employing his investigative skills as a cold-case homicide detective, Wallace will walk you through a careful and compelling case for the reliability of the Bible and why our kids can trust it as the authoritative Word of God.  


How Do We Help Our Kids Really Own Their Faith?

Jonathan Morrow

Why do so many kids eventually walk away from the Christian faith in which they were raised? How do we help them to grow spiritually? What do our kids need to stop borrowing their faith from parents or church leaders and make the Christian faith their very own? You can’t focus on everything…so where do you start? In this session, you'll discover the 5 things every child needs to build a lasting faith and start building a practical plan.

Breakout Session 2

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Can Boys be Girls and Girls be Boys? Navigating Gender Identity

Sean McDowell

We are in the midst of a gender revolution. People are reconsidering gender norms and wrestling with what this means for families, schools, sports, health care, the church, and many other social institutions. In this presentation, Sean compares and contrasts the worldview behind this new revolution with the historic Christian faith. It is only when we understand the worldview behind transgenderism that we can wisely address some of the difficult practical issues capturing the cultural conversation today.


Is Social Justice Compatible With Christianity?

Thaddeus Williams

Shouldn't social justice be front and center in the Christian message? Does the culture's view match up with the Christian view of justice? Or does our culture actually undermine biblical justice? This session will give you the tools you need to make sense of social justice, help you understand why there is so much division in our culture and how only the true biblical view can offer help and healing to our broken world. 

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Why Isn't My Discipline Working & How Could it Undermine My Kids' Faith?

Erin Kunkle

Is discipline merely a matter of getting kids to obey the rules? How does unsuccessful discipline actually undermine our kids' faith in God? How does our kids' view of authority influence their conscience and their response to discipline? In this session, you'll connect the dots between authority, conscience and moral instruction and learn practical steps to discipline your kids in truth and love. 


If God is Good, Why is There Evil and Suffering?

Jonathan Morrow

If God is supposed to be good, why does he allow so much evil and suffering in this world? Is He too weak to do something about evil? Does He not care? Or does He just not exist? In this session, you'll discover how God’s existence actually provides a powerful explanation for the existence of evil and how only He provides hope in the midst of our suffering.