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Breakout #1


worldview event

Restoring Identity: Sexual Identity as a False Identity 

Christopher Yuan

One of the most important things missed when engaging with our LGB friends is how sexuality has become the core of our being. “Being gay” means “This is who I am.” But if this is incorrect, how does the Bible communicate who we are? Dr. Yuan articulates the correct understanding of personhood through the lens of Scripture—particularly, the image of God and the doctrine of sin—and explains the consequences of an incorrect understanding of who we are.

Restoring Our Confidence in the Truth

Brett Kunkle

Our culture has lost its common sense and is now deeply confused about truth and reality. “Live your truth” in now our cultural mantra and we live as if there’s no objective truths about morality, religion, sexuality, gender and more. Many now live their lives adrift in a sea of relativism. Sadly, false ideas about truth have terrible consequences. This talk will help restore your confidence there is truth and we can know it.

Essential Principles of Homeschooling

Cindy Rollins

We don't educate our kids merely for the here and now but for eternity. And homeschooling families have an amazing opportunity to uniquely tailor their kids' education for eternal impact. But how can home schooling parents cultivate the proper atmosphere at home? How can we instill discipline? How do we capture and harness our kids' attention? In this talk, you'll discover some essential homeschool principles that will enable our kids to flourish, as we help them to understand the consequences of ideas. 

Restoring God's Design for Racial Unity

Monique Duson

The topic of race is front and center in our cultural conversation. So how do Christians evaluate the ideas and models put forth? In this talk, Monique will share her journey away from the culture’s models and show how any secular project of “racial reconciliation” falls short. This talk will also examine how even the church has gone wrong on this issue and then show how God’s design via the gospel offers the best hope for restoring racial unity in our world.

Cultivating a Theology of Home

Erin Kunkle

What is a home according to Scripture? How can we develop a “theology” or God-informed view of the home and what a home is for? In this talk we will take a careful look at what our homes should be centered around, the goodness a home provides to the weary world around us and how it even offers a foreshadowing of heaven to our family, friends, and neighbors. We’ll conclude with practical guidance on building homes that glorify God and draw others to Him.


Breakout #2
He Made Them Male & Female: Sex, Gender & the Imago Dei

Christopher Yuan

As we grapple to wrap our minds around sexual identity, transgenderism has taken many by surprise and created immense confusion in our culture. Is gender a social construct? Do we determine our gender? Do our bodies matter? This talk will help explain the pertinent terminology and categories so that we can successfully navigate the cultural challenges surrounding gender identity.

The Case for Life: Restoring Dignity to the Unborn

Scott Klusendorf

Pro-life Christians, take heart: the pro-life message can compete in the marketplace of ideas if Christians properly understand and articulate that message. But too many Christians do not understand the essential truths of the pro-life position. In this talk you’ll discover that the sanctity of life is not a morally complex issue, by focusing on one key question: What is the unborn? In addition, you will be equipped with a persuasive case for your pro-life convictions.

Education Within the Local Church

Cindy Rollins

Why do church children's programs often seem largely ineffective? How have they become so entertainment-driven? And how can we usher in significant change? In this talk, we'll discuss the challenges of education in the local church and how we must return to a proper understanding of the power of ideas. Using the "Morning Time" model that Cindy has developed, you will discover very practical steps to revitalizing children's education within your church and awakening our kids to God's beautiful world. 

A Practical Plan for Walking in Unity

Monique Duson

What does biblical unity look like? How can we overcome ethnic differences? How can the church live out Ephesians 4? This talk will sketch out a clear picture of how the church can model biblical unity in race relations and will also outline very practical steps that Christians can take in accordance with God’s design for unity.

Restoring Sanity in a Culture of Digital Distraction

Jonathan Morrow

We live in a culture of distraction. Everyone is on their phones…all the time…and it’s taking a toll on us. How do we overcome the negative effects of social media? What are the right battles to fight when talking with our kids about smart phones and social media? There is hope, but it won’t be easy. In this practical session we’ll examine how we are being subtly shaped by the devices we carry 24/7, but also lay out actionable steps that families can take to break free from digital distraction.

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