Breakout Session 1

Breakout Session 1


How to Build a Family Life That is "In But Not Of"

Erin Kunkle

In our culture, family dysfunction and brokenness is pervasive. For many, broken families are simply the new normal. As such, Christians cannot overlook the powerful impact a healthy and harmonious home will have on those around us. So how can we cultivate a family life that brings stability, strength, peace and harmony? This session will provide practical guidance on raising a family in the midst of a culture where families are falling apart and show how a healthy home can be a bright light in a dark culture.


Four Major Cultural Shifts

John Stonestreet

Knowing the undercurrents of culture is more important than the topics that dominate the new headlines. There are four major cultural shifts happening in our lifetime—in this very moment—and you might not even notice them. This session will examine these seismic shifts, their impact on our families and culture, and the antidote for each one.


How to Change Your Life (No, Seriously)

Jonathan Morrow

Does it sometimes feel like you have habits of living and thinking that will never change? Do you long for true, deep, lasting change in your own life? The good news is that change IS possible. However, we must understand how thinking is absolutely vital to our transformation. As the Apostle Paul says in Romans 12:2, we are "transformed by the renewing of our minds." In this session, you'll discover the ways in which we can literally rewire our brains and neural pathways by directing our minds to truth and how, as a result, we can experience a transformed life.


Faithfully Different: Regaining Biblical Clarity in a Secular Culture

Natasha Crain

If you have a biblical worldview, you’re now in a shrinking worldview minority. And the dominant worldview of the culture around us—a strident secularism—is fundamentally at odds with the biblical worldview. This opposing and often hostile secularism is putting extensive pressure on 1) what Christians believe, 2) the ways our beliefs inform how we think, and 3) how we live out our faith. In this session you'll regain clarity on what it means to be faithfully different from today’s culture for the health of your own relationship with the Lord and your ability to effectively be salt and light to others.


The Role of Satire in Cultural Engagement

Kyle Mann

The Babylon Bee has become the leading voice of Christian satire since it’s launch in 2016. Taking aim at everything from shallow evangelical culture to politics and everything in between, the Bee uses satire to expose bad ideas and absurdities. But do satire, irony and even mockery have a place in Christian cultural engagement? Is there biblical precedent for it? Or is it out-of-bounds for Christians? As editor-in-chief, Kyle Mann spearheads the Bee’s satirical efforts. In this session, he’ll address the legitimacy and scope of satire in the church’s engagement with the surrounding culture.

Breakout Session 2

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How to Share the Gospel in a Hostile Post-Christian World

J. Warner Wallace

Sharing the gospel with our friends and family requires Christians to be "in the world but not of the world." But given an increasingly hostile culture that rejects much of the Christian message and the exclusivity of Christ, how do we identify WHO to reach and HOW do we reach them? How do we share the gospel with unbelievers and not feel like a failure? This session will encourage you that you CAN actually do this, remind you that it's not all on you and equip you with the practical tools you need to share the Good News. ​​


Social Justice & the Cult of Self

Thaddeus Williams

In Genesis 3, the serpent deceives Eve. That same lie lives on today and is now twisting a new generation's vision of justice. This session will expose the culture's false views of freedom that lie behind modern versions of social justice, reorient us to the true Author of life and freedom, and offer a way forward for Christians to bring biblical justice to a hurting and broken world. ​


How Adoption Supports Children's Right and #BigFertility Violates Them

Katy Faust

Surrogacy, sperm and egg “donors,” and in vitro fertilization are hailed as miracles for those who wish to have children.  Is third-party reproduction just another way to create families, like adoption?  Are reproductive technologies consistent with the Christian faith? This session will examine how, when it comes to children, #BigFertility inflicts a familial wound, while adoption seeks to mend a wound.


Why the Bible Must be THE Authority in Our Lives

Jonathan Morrow

Christians have drifted so far away from biblical authority. Even if we affirm that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God with our lips, we often don't live like we believe it. What cultural challenges have undermined our views of the Bible? Are there good reasons to think the Bible is a reliable guide to life? This session will equip you with a solid understanding of WHY the Bible is authoritative and offer practical steps we can take to orient our lives around it. 


Raising Kids with Confident Faith in a Secular World

Natasha Crain

It's no secret that large numbers of young people are leaving Christianity, in many cases due to the faith challenges posed by today's secular culture. Unprepared for the claims they hear against the truth of Christianity, they're unable to respond and are left ashamed and confused. In this talk, Natasha explains why teaching kids apologetics is a critical part of the solution, offers a framework for defining what it means to teach apologetics, and gives practical tips for doing so.